How To Use Sp Flash Tool To Install Stock Roms or Custom Roms

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Smartphone flashtool (Sp flashtool) is a PC application used in fixing an extreme case of a bricked MediaTek Android phone (e.g Tecno, Gionee, Infinix, Opsson, Innjoo, Ulefone, Oukitel, etc).

For instance, the phone refuses to come on at all or refuses to boot into recovery mode. In this case, it means your Android device is totally dead and needs flashing. Sp flash tool can also be used in a case whereby your Andoid device comes ON but hangs in boot logo without booting to sceen (Soft Bricked). And finally, Sp flash tool can also be used in installing custom roms, custom recoveries, updgrading, downgrading any MTK device firmware.

In this article, i will be showing you how to use sp flashtool to install your device stock rom, upgrade to latest os. The method here is very simple and you can also use same method install custom roms meant for your phone



→ Working USB Cable

→ SP Flashtools Latest version. Download

→ USB VCOM Drivers. See how to install Vcom drivers to your Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10 PC.

NOTE: USB vcom driver is very important as it allow your phone to communicate with your PC and Sp flash tool properly. Without usb vcom drivers installed, sp flashtool will be giving errors when trying to use it to flash firmware files to your phone

→ Your phone Stock rom file to flash


How To Use Smartphone Flash Tool

1.  Download complete stock rom firmware file meant for your Android phone

2.  Extract the rom to another folder in your PC desktop

3.  Download latest version of Sp flashtool from given link and extract its contents to another folder in your desktop.

4.  In Sp flashtools, you will see listed files, simply locate “Flash_tools.exe” and double-click to launch it.

6.  After launching Sp flashtool, you will be presented with sp flashtool user friendly window,
7.  Now, if your phone was bricked or stock on boot logo, do the following before proceeding to install stock firmware:
  • Simply Click on “Format” tab and then click on “Start”

  • Turn off the bricked phone and then plug in to your pc via usb cable to format it completely. Do not plug it in before clicking format tab and start, it will not work. Do as i said

NOTE: After formatting, the phone will be left without os which means you have purged it and so, don’t bother trying to turn it ON. Proceed to step #8 down to install fresh os.

8.  After formatting your phone, unplug it from pcand then simply click on “Download tab”  “Scatter Loading” and choose

7.  Another window will pop up, now locate the folder you extracted your downloaded stock firmware to.

8.  Open it to fine “MT6xxx_Android_Scatter“.

9.  Double-click on it to auto load needed files to Sp flashtools.

10.  Now, change from “Download” to “Firmware Upgrade” as seen below and then click on “DOWNLOAD” button with green arrow.

11.  After clicking on “DOWNLOAD” button, Sp flashtools will become grey.

12.  Now, plug in your formatted phone to your PC for installation process to begin as seen below.

NOTE: Do not interupt during installation.

13.  After succesfull installtion, you will see an “OK” pop up as seen below.

14.  After sucessful installation, unplug and reboot your phone.

That’s it, you have succesfully installed your device firmware and your phone should be up and running

NOTE: Same installation process goes for firmware upgrades and sp flashtool method custom rom installation.

If you encounter any issues, give us a feedback ASAP.

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