Man Sued City’s Municipal Council As His Rs 1.2 Crore Ferrari Got Damaged By A Pothole

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Being a Ferrari owner can make you the talk of the town; in fact, you will be no less than a celebrity but before buying a Ferrari or supercar, do make sure that the roads of your city or town where you will be driving your supercar are in a good condition.


Scott Nicholas (44), from the UK, damaged his Ferrari 458 at the time of driving, as it dipped into a pothole.


His Ferrari 458 worth £150,000 (Rs. 1.2 crore) got damaged severely as the wheel got deformed, the airbag of side door went off and the impact was so huge that suspension was realigned.


He decided to go to the court to claim damages and repair from the city’s municipal council. He told,

“It was a huge pothole. It could have knocked someone into the other lane of traffic and caused a crash. I was lucky nobody was heading towards me. When the airbags go off they go off like an explosive charge. It was a good job there was nobody in the passenger seat. I was driving along the road at about 10.30pm in May last year, when I hit something on the road. The passenger side door air bag went off and I nearly crashed. I thought I’d hit something and then I couldn’t believe when it was a pothole. The car is my pride of joy. I don’t take it out very often.”


However, his experience with the municipal council was not good as he further said,

“In court I just felt they were obnoxious. They threw everything they could to try and get out of paying out. All I claimed for was the damage and the repair costs, nothing else.”

The court has favored Scott and he will be getting £10,000 (Rs. 8 lakh) as compensation, which he is planning to donate to any accident charity. However, if municipal council had repaired the pothole, it would have cost them £53 (Rs. 4,000).

It is definitely a big lesson for the municipal council and we hope that every city’s officials learn from this incident.

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