Under A Rare Condition, This Woman Absorbed Her Twin In The Womb And Carries Two DNA In Her Body

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Taylor has this unusual line on her stomach that looks much like one of those dividing lines. This dividing line makes the either side of the stomach appear of two different colors exactly making her torso appear as if it has been cut into two different halves.

Well, the doctors at first thought it’s a birth mark. When she fell sick more than often in the initial years of her growing teens, that is when doctors felt that this could be something else.

The doctors did diagnosis and realized that this is a rare condition of ‘Chimerism’ as stated on thedoctorstv.com.

What is Chimerism?

When two fraternal fertilized eggs fuse in the womb, the condition is called Chimerism. It’s like there was a possibility that Taylor could have her own twin sister or brother but that did not happen because the two eggs got fused into one and took birth as one child (Taylor).

Therefore Taylor said, ‘I absorbed my own twin sister’ in the video below:

Taylor carries her sister’s DNA along with the genetic characteristics of it. Well, she has two different body system functioning, one of her own and another one of her sister’s. Technically she has two immune system, two different blood streams and situation is, therefore, a challenge for her.

Her body treats her sister’s DNA as foreign matter and therefore tries to get rid of it. However, that doesn’t happen, she shares her experience with thedoctorstv.com

Her condition is one of rarest and this is the reason she can hardly find any information on the same.

Chimerism – diagnosis can give mixed results under this condition

Dr. Brandon Colby, a personal Genomics and Taylor’s doctor states that Taylor will get abnormal mixed results during her diagnosis because of the double set of Immune system and DNA in her body, all her life.

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It’s important for the person in charge of diagnosis to know her condition of Chimerism so that they are not misinterpreted said Brandon to thedoctorstv.com

Source: thedoctorstv.com

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