Veerana actress Jasmin is dead or alive? The internet is going crazy to know the answer

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Remember actress Jasmin, she had become a rage after her 1988 film, Veerana. Recently, the actress is making the internet go crazy with her absence since last 29 years.


Yes, this actress was seen in Ramsay’s horror film Veerana and since then nobody knows where she is.

In fact many claims she committed suicide due to her underworld connection, while some claim she died due to prolonged illness. Also there is one more theory that she has settled abroad with her family. But NOBODY knows the actual truth behind her suspicious missing.

In fact many regional website have their own theories behind her missing from the action. In fact the shocking part is nobody even knows her real name, because there is no information about the lady on the internet. Jasmine is her film’s name and people addressed her with the same. Also the reason behind not knowing her real name is, during those times, heroines who used to do BOLD or rather sexy roles chose to be identified by their character names because that will not spoil their families name. In fact there is no picture of the actress on internet too which is even more shocking.

Now, a video has gone viral on the Internet. The video questions audiences and remembers the forgooten heroine. Where is Jasmine?

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