Pratyusha Banerjee’s last short film can NOT release today, here is why?

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It has been almost a year since “Balika Vadhu” star Pratyusha Banerjee committed suicide on April 1, 2016 and left India shocked. Before Pratyusha’s first death anniversary, her best friend Kamya Punjabi shared a glimpse of Pratyusha’s last short film, “Hum Kuchh Kah Na Sakey”, on her Instagram account.

Pratyusha Banerjee short film

But the Bombay City Civil and Sessions Court on Friday stayed the release of the film that’s based on her life. Actor-producer Rahul Raj Singh, her former boyfriend, has moved the court, seeking to stop the film’s release.

Speaking on the same to ANI, Singh’s lawyer Shreyansh Mithare said if the film gets released, then “it will have a particular impact on the judge and public that will influence the case.”

“In the film, Rahul has been shown in a bad light. In fact, the case is pending in the Dindoshi Court, where Rahul is facing serious accusations like IPC section 306 (Abetment of suicide). If we allow the release of this film, then it will have a particular impact on the judge and public that will influence the case,” Mithare said.

Adding, “Hence we have filed a civil suit and the court has granted us injunction orders against the release of the film. The matter has been kept for tomorrow (April 1) and the court has asked the producer as well as Kamya Punjabi to come and appear before the court tomorrow.

The promo for the short film was released on March 27 that took internet by storm.

The 36-second promo has reference of Pratyusha’s boyfriend at the time, Rahul Raj Singh to her issues with alcoholism. The creepiest part in it is the alarming resemblance to the real life issues that the late ‘Balika Vadhu’ star was battling at the time.

Rahul, however, has dismissed the short film as “bogus” and “fraud”.

Rahul said, “What film is she talking about? How and when did she shoot this film with Pratyusha? I’ve a record of all of Pratyusha’s activities in the months before I lost her. She was always with me. We went together to Ranchi for my brother’s child’s naming ceremony. Then we went to Goa. When did Pratyusha shoot this so-called film with Kamya?”

Rahul futher described this film as “bogus” and a “fraud” and said, “This is nothing but an attempt to make money in a dead person’s name. How can this woman continue to use Pratyusha’s name to get publicity? Only I know what her thoughts and feelings were. She was planning a big birthday party for me when she was snatched away from me.”

Rahul too is planning to pen a book on Pratyusha. He shared in the report, “It’s an idea that I’ve been living with for some time now. It came to me after I found a diary written by her in my house. Through that diary, I got to know her even better. I want to write my book on the Pratyusha that only I knew, and the girl I’d have known if she had only lived longer.”

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