High Court Granted Stay Order On Raveena Tandon’s Comeback film ‘Maatra’

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The trailer of bollywood actress Raveena Tandon’s comeback film ‘Maatr‘, which deals with crime against women in society, has been generating buzz for some time now.

Raveena Tandon

The Bombay High Court has granted a stay on the release of ‘Maatr’ as the producer, Anjum Rizvi, is yet to pay his dues to YT Capital Pvt Ltd.

On Thursday, Justice Gautam Patel passed the order against Rizvi and T-Series, stating the film should not be released anywhere in the world and its prints and/or negatives should not be parted with or released to anyone.

According to the source of mumbai mirror the court has also stopped Rizvi from selling or creating any rights in negatives of seven previous films, ‘John Day’, ‘India Metro’, ‘A Flat’, ‘Fast Forward’, ‘A Wednesday’, ‘Ahista Ahista and Charges: A Joint Effort’.

YT Capital had earlier filed a case through Advocate Rajiv Narula in November 2015 seeking repayment of Rs 2 crore paid to Rizvi in September 2014, for the movie ‘Katha’ which never released. However, the agreement with Rizvi specified that YT Capital will have rights over his previous as well as future movies till the money is paid.

The HC passed an order in YT Capital’s favour for recovery of Rs 2.44 crore, including interest. Rizvi failed to pay the money, forcing YT Capital to approach the court again. The order noted that despite having been made aware if the latest application, no one appeared for Rizvi. The case will now be heard on April 10.

‘Maatr‘ is all set to release on April 21.

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