IT Company In Pune Cheated 148 Employees! Vanished Without Paying Their Salary Since They Joined!

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Frauds in the name of giving jobs are pretty common nowadays and it is not only the responsibility of police and government to catch the people involved in frauds but job seekers should also remain careful and avoid falling in such traps.

An IT firm known as Signifia Techride disappeared overnight leaving nearly 150 employees in a state of shock and misery. The office of this firm was in the City Center building, behind Persistent Systems, Hinjewadi IT Park, Phase I. The company hasn’t paid salaries of its employees for the last two months; however, on the contrary, it has taken Rs. 30,000 from each employee in the name of security deposit.


On Thursday morning, when these employees reached the office premises, they got the shock of their lifetime when they saw that the office was closed and empty. Police complaint has been filed by almost 148 employees against the top officials – Abasaheb Kalaskar, Mahendra Patil and Poonam Gaikwad.

Nilesh Hale, one of the victims, told Pune Mirror,

“After completing my engineering degree, I was searching for a job and I got in touch with the company through a reference. After clearing all the interview rounds, I was excited when the company offered me a job.”

Nilesh further added,

“The company officials asked me to pay them Rs 30,000 as a security deposit and promised to return it after some time. I joined the office in December 2016 and since then, the company has not paid us our salaries. Apart from me, there were over hundred employees who had not been paid. The company officials kept promising us that they would pay us in the next few days, but it never materialized.”

Few employees got their job in this company through job consultancies. One of the employees told this on the condition of anonymity,

“I earlier had a job which was not related to the IT field. However, through a consultancy, when I got this job, I was overjoyed. However, the happiness lasted only for two months as I am once again jobless and feeling cheated.”

Earlier in February also, some of the employees went to police and complained against the officials of the company; however, no written and official complaint was filed at that time. Sub-inspector RM Kengar, the investigating officer, told Pune Mirror,

“In February, some of the employees had approached us after which we called the company officials to the police station. At the time, the officials had promised that they would be paying all their dues, after which the employees decided not to lodge a complaint. However, on Thursday, the employees found no trace of the office and the officials were also missing. So, they finally lodged a complaint with us.”

We really hope that such cheaters get caught soon.


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