Meet ‘Diya Aur Baati Hum’ actor Anas Rashid’s fiancée Hina

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Actor Anas Rashid who is fondly known as the simple and sweet Sooraj Rathi broke many female fans hearts when he announced that he is all set to marry Chandigarh girl Hina who is 14 years younger to him.

The ‘Diya Aur Baati Hum’ actor shared first picture of Hina with Hindustan Times, says that right now the family has planned to have a small ring ceremony and the wedding is most likely to take place by the end of this year.

Anas Rashid

When asked about why he didn’t choose a girl from the (television) industry, Anas said that he always wanted to get married to the girl of his family’s choice. “Everything happened very quickly. I’m working in this industry; aur agar bahu bhi kaam karegi, toh ghar pe kaun rahega? (And even if my wife works here, who will be at home?) For my family, the fact that I’m working in this industry is enough,” he told us in an earlier interview.

In fact, Anas hadn’t even seen Hina’s photo before he agreed to marry her. His mother had informed him about Hina and her family and that was enough for him to say yes.

The actor says  I wanted my decision to be based on how her family is rather than see how she looks. Also, the hope in my mother’s eyes was enough for me to agree. After I said yes, I saw her picture and then a formal meeting was arranged. It was so awkward for us. We were made to sit together…they (our families) gave us time to talk. I remember I was just looking at her. She was literally shivering. For both of us, this was a first. It all happened in a typically traditional way,” says Anas, adding, “She carries herself well, I was impressed the first time I met her.”

Anas Rashid’s fiancée Hina

While Anas is 38, Hina is 14 years younger to him. However, this is not an issue for the actor. “Hina had no idea about my age, neither did her family. They thought I am 25 or 26. Punjab mein agar kisi ko pata chalega ki i am 38, toh yeh hi bolega that I am very thin. I am young at heart. Plus, when I met Hina, I realised that she is so sensible even at 24. I hope our journey, too, begins with the same understanding,” says Anas.

Talking about Hina, Anas says, “She is a bubbly girl. She works as an HR in the Immigration sector. She is an independent girl and is modern too. It’s completely up to her if she wants to carry on in the same field once we are married. She has never seen Bombay and will take time to adjust. I will support her in whatever she decides.”

However, he needs time to get to know her. Anas says that they are still getting to know each other, which is why, he doesn’t want to rush for the wedding.

Anas was rumoured to be in a relationship with actor Rati Pandey, and the two parted ways in February, last year.

Here’s wishing the couple all the very best for their future!

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