Funny Conversation Between Karan & Twinkle! Did He Try To Flirt With Twinkle Reminding School Days?

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Twinkle Khanna, better known as “Mrs Funnybones” has that knack of playing with words; her wit and humor are something to die for. Fans get a good laughter dose by reading her Twitter wall. Twinkle is too good with trolls and she makes sure there’s no dry moment. Forget acting, Twinkle is more famous for her writings these days. She maintains a humorous blog and also keeps tweeting from time to time.

Recently, Twinkle was seen in the ad of Google Pixel phone; it was good to see her back on screen after a long time. As always, this time too, Twinkle took her favorite social media platform Twitter, to share a still from that ad; here’s what she tweeted…

This tweet received many comments and her fans praised her for her acting. Amidst this, even Karan Johar decided to give a reply; he loved her acting in the ad and praised her for that.

Have a look at Karan’s tweet;

As expected, Twinkle gave a “Hatke” reply instead of thanking him for the appreciation. Instead, she asked Karan that if he liked her acting so much and was impressed, he should cast her in a movie. LOL, she gave a brilliant suggestion. You can’t miss out her tweet;

Her tweet read, “Hmm..Since you are so impressed can I suggest a sequel to My Name is Khan -add 2 alphabets call it My Name is Khanna and cast me :)”

However, this didn’t end here; Karan gave a prompt reply and reminded her that once, she had rejected his offer. Here’s what he tweeted;

Both of them share a very good bond and such conversations strengthen it even more. We all remember Twinkle Khanna once revealed that Karan Johar was in love with her when they were together in boarding school. Looks like Karan actually proposed her in boarding school and she rejected his offer; is Karan referring to the same offer in his tweet? We’re not sure but if it’s related to that then Karan had an awesome reply to Twinkle’s troll!

Conversations are bound to be hilarious when 2 intellectuals like Karan and Twinkle troll each other; although it’s hard to decide who won, we can surely say that we are all smiles reading this.

We are amazed to see such lovely conversations, what about you? Share your views in our comments section below.

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