10 Must See Smartphone Photos That Use Leading Lines

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This week’s showcase of mobile photography features 10 stunning smartphone photos all of which use leading lines in their compositions. From agospavelsky’s use of a spiral staircase to cleverly lead the eye around the photo towards the centre and his subject to the use of perspective in paths and lines as used by Charles Read, Idieuwke and Marc Zetterblom to name but a few. All photos in this week’s showcase illustrate how effective leading lines can be as a compositional element.

Featured artists this week include: agospavelsky, Charles Read, Detailsofberlin, Idieuwke, Jazz C Free, Lydia Cassatt, Marc Zetterblom, Michal Slotwinski, Sebastian Pietrzak, Martin Del Valle.

Do you have a favourite photo from this week’s showcase? Let us know which in the comments section at the bottom of the page. Finally, hashtag your photos with #mobiography for a chance of getting featured in future showcases.


Untitled‘ by Sebastian Pietrzak – “I took this photo at six in the morning going to college. It was not difficult, I had to grasp the moment when the man walked before me. I used only the program: Snapseed and the beautiful sunlight.”

Big entrance

Big entrance‘ by Charles Read – “I shot this image in the entrance to the Epiphany Skyspace at Rice University in Houston Texas. Artist James Turrell designed this space for visitors to enter into, to sit, to pause, to experience, and to contemplate the play of light cast through the opening in the roof, where sky and clouds offer infinite, ever-changing variations. The entrances into the space invite viewers to pass under the earth, through relative darkness, to the interior of the structure. And they offered me the opportunity to find the center of the corridor and get the architecture aligned to meet the four corners of the image, helping to focus attention on the enrobed figure as he (fortuitously!) approached.

Shot on iPhone6s directly in BNW using the Blackie App, and post-processed in Snapseed, where alignment and cropping were tweaked using Transform and Crop tools. The Face and Brush tools were used to further draw the eye to the center of the frame – the app’s Face tool does some interesting things in this regard, including a bit of vignetting that worked with the natural light pattern by increasing the sense of drama here.”

365/071 Down the road

365/071 Down the road‘ by Idieuwke – “I shot this image while I was walking my dogs.The strong shadows on the old fashioned block paving made by the dramatic branches overhead made me feel as though I was walking in a fairytale. I liked the bare branches meeting over the road, creating a living tunnel. I accentuated this feeling in iColorama_s. I used Snapseed for basic editing and Mextures and VSCO for mood.”

“Trees are Earth’s endless effort to speak to the listening heaven.” Rabindranath Tagore

“Trees are Earth’s endless effort to speak to the listening heaven.” Rabindranath Tagore‘ by Lydia Cassatt – “I have been coming to the Big Island every winter for six years. It is a remarkable place where one can witness an active volcano, ten of the world’s fourteen climate zones, and many other natural wonders.

I am drawn to the trees here and spend many hours each week photographing my favorites. This small road, Mud Lane, is lined with Eucalyptus trees that are endlessly beautiful. It is a quiet place to walk and contemplate the trees, the wind and the ever shifting light.

Apps used: Hipstamatic with Melodie (lens), Aristotle (film), and Apollo (flash).”


Untitled‘ by Marc Zetterblom – “Brunkebergstunneln is a 231 meter long pedestrian and bicycle tunnel that runs under central Stockholm. The tunnel was built from 1884 to 1886 and is a wonderful place for photography. I love to play with the leading lines of the tunnel and the silhouettes that pop up at the end of the underpass. To amplify the leading lines on the ground I shot this one from the knees. The image is shot on an iPhone6s Plus and I have only used VSCO for the edit.”

Al final – Barcelona Underground 38

Al final – Barcelona Underground 38‘ by Jazz C Free – “This photo is made in the underground of Barcelona with a device Samsung S7. The idea of the photo was to play with the perspective and the vanishing point. All the elements of the photo fixed to develop the lines of direction, both the underground as the lights and the ground make take the look towards the end of the tunnel. Finally I did a high contrast edition to enhance blacks and whites.”

Musiałem sprawdzić, czy niektóre miejsca naprawdę istnieją

Musiałem sprawdzić, czy niektóre miejsca naprawdę istnieją‘ by Michal Slotwinski


Alone‘ by Martin Del Valle

Niech cały wiruje świat!

Niech cały wiruje świat!‘ by agospavelsky


Untitled‘ by Detailsofberlin

Do You Have a Favourite?

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