SRK’s Childhood Friend Shares Memories From His Struggling Days! SRK Fans Will Love The Video!

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SRK has reached the pinnacle of success, but still, he continues to remain a down to Earth and a humble human being. He has a big heart and time and again, we have heard heartwarming stories about him. Be it helping a beggar or be it treating his fans with utmost respect, SRK has done it all.

King Khan values friendship a lot and the video which you’ll watch now, will make you respect him even more. We got our hands on a very old video of SRK, in which his chaddi buddy Benny Thomas, shares some cool memories from the actor’s struggling days and takes us on a tour to his favorite paan shop.

Just like us, even SRK had big dreams, and to turn them into reality, he came to Mumbai; Benny was his backbone and he helped SRK with each and everything.

This particular clip is from the famous talk show “Jeena Isika Naam Hai”, hosted by Faarooque Sheikh, and it definitely gives us good friendship goals. Benny, who’s from Delhi, shares interesting incidents; he narrates the hardships that the duo faced when they first came to Mumbai. Since SRK had no contacts that time, he and Benny had to literally sleep on the footpath, can you even imagine this? Apart from this, he also stood at Marine Drive and said just 1 sentence i.e. “One day I will rule this city”. His dream came true and now we all know what SRK means to Mumbai.

It was Benny who accompanied SRK, when he wanted to go and talk to Gauri. We need to appreciate King Khan, because in his struggling days, he had no sources whatsoever. Whatever he is today is because of his passion, hard work and dedication.

Thanks to Benny that he supported SRK in his bad times; he’s indeed a true friend. You can’t miss to watch this delightful video.

We wish to watch some more videos like these; old videos of our favorite stars make us crave for more, isn’t it?

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