Priyanka Chopra Is The Second Most Beautiful Woman In The World, Check Out The Top 10 List Here!

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There are numerous ways to become beautiful and be appreciated for the same, but here is a list where certain beauties have got their own place, not because they are just beautiful but also because they are bold enough to show their inner beauty with all that comes in that wholesome package!

Thanks to all those who have voted in the poll, as the poll was closed on February 10th, 2017. Above seven million people have voted for their favorites and this is the list of the results as put across after all that voting!

That doesn’t mean others aren’t beautiful enough, it’s just that beauty is a very broad aspect, it deals with a lot of other categories that need to be taken into consideration for someone to make it to this list. There are a lot of categories that need to be filled by our favorite artists and celebrities across the world, though truly it’s a pride to be in this list of the most beautiful and desirable women all across the world!

The list is not only filled with beautiful women but with those beauties who are desirable, intelligent, popular, attractive, successful in their fields, doing great things for the world as well! All these women have made us proud in the year of 2016/2017, that’s what makes them special!

Check out the list of 10 most beautiful women in the world as a result of the survey conducted by Buzznet.


2.Priyanka Chopra

3.Taylor Hill

4.Emma Watson

5.Dakota Johnson

6.Hillary Clinton

7.Margot Robbie

8.Angelina Jolie

9.Fahriye Evcen

10.Alexandra Daddario

Priyanka Chopra thanked Buzznet in her tweet:-

You can check the full list of 30 most beautiful women here

So people, now we know those beauty standards are nothing but showing the best of yourself to the world outside. Color, features or clothes, nothing defines beauty, it is only YOU!

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