Technology: 5 must-play games from the indie scene

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She Remembered Caterpillars
This is a lovely puzzle game where you have to carry coloured sprites across a bridge to settle them down on a white pad. The catch here is that the bridge will only let through colours that have at least, in part, the same colour. For example, a red bridge will not let a blue sprite through but it will let purple through as purple contains blue. The game is not devious in its puzzles, though things get harder as you progress, but the maps are small enough to figure out the route. For those who are colour blind, the game has unique shapes for each colour. The game has a lovely art style and nice music, which is always a plus.
Price: Rs 409
Developer: Jumpsuit Entertainment
Platforms: PC

The Inner World
It’s an imaginative point-and-click adventure game that will draw you into its world with funny writing. You play a court musician called Robert who is given the task of retrieving a locket, which turns into saving the world. Considering the original game is in German, the English version translates well. There are a few missteps, but nothing unforgivable. In the style of a proper 90s adventure game, The Inner World, features lots of smart and sometimes bizarre puzzles with subtle hints hidden in the dialogues.
The game is also really long for an indie title and can take over six hours to complete. The game is best experienced on PC or Mac.
Price: Rs 479
Developer: Studio Fizbin
Platforms: PC, Mac, iOS, Android

It is like a complete workout for the brain, marketed as deeply relaxing brainteasers. The only thing relaxing about this game is the calming music that is just about keeps you from going over the edge with frustration. And that’s exactly what makes it brilliant. 

The game requires you to control two jelly-like creatures through a difficult maze of puzzles. You have to control both blobs separately using the right and the left analogue stick to find solutions to the problems ahead. You literally have to reprogram your brain to play this game. It is recommended that you use a gamepad with this one. It’s a very clever game and with the 50-odd levels, it is well worth the price.
Price: Rs 369
Developer: Vivid Helix
Platforms: PS4, PC

Snake Pass
Snake pass is a cute puzzle platformer game where you control a snake called Noodle and an appropriately named humming bird sidekick named Doodle. The story is wafer thin, essentially the forest home of Noodle and Doodle has been invaded and all the creatures have gone into hiding. It is up to our duo to set the balance right. Visually, the game reminds us of Crash Bandicoot, in that it is bright, colourful and the characters seem they would be at home in Crash’s world. The main objective of the game is to finish the puzzles, so you can collect coloured keystones that will let you open exit gates. The controls are a bit dodgy, the game seems to have tried to simulate the movement of a snake by giving you essentially the control of Noodles head and then letting the rest follow. This makes it very difficult at times to control. That one flaw aside, the game is still plenty playable and definitely a must-have considering its meagre price point.
Price: Rs 565
Developer: Sumo Digital
Platforms: PC, PS4, XBO, Switch 

Tired of playing the hero yet? If your answer is yes, you must get Nefarious where you play a villain called Crow who has kidnapped the princess. The game looks like the 8 and 16-bit classics you grew up on and a lot of similar looking heroes do appear as opponents in this game.

So, instead of you playing the hero running after the villain you play a villain running from the hero, once the hero tracks you down, there is a good old fashioned boss fight. The game plays a lot like the action platformers this one is trying to parody, which means there is a lot of jumping and shooting. Your go to move is smacking the heroes across the head with a giant hand. The boss fights are also deeply satisfying and very imaginative.
Price: Rs 479
Developer: StarBlade
Platforms: PC

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