Good News For Indian Tourists! Now They Can Get Malaysian Visa Free Of Cost!

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Every year many Indians visit Malaysia to experience its serene beauty and rich culture. Talking about Tourism, Malaysia gets a lot of business from India. In fact, India is the 6th top tourist market for Malaysia and last year, there were around 5,40,530 tourists from India (Jan-Oct). Giving importance to this fact, the Malaysian government has waived off visa fees for Indian tourists. Now, Indians don’t have to pay any visa fees; they just have to pay a processing fees of USD 20. This step will also encourage the UNESCO heritage sites in Malaysia.

Mohamed Nazri, the Malaysia Tourism and Culture Minister said,

“The close cultural ties between the two countries and cultural affinity between our people can reach even greater heights through tourism.”

This announcement was made by Najib Razak, the PM of Malaysia, when he visited India; moreover, he also said that it will not take more than 48 hours to apply for the visa online. Yes, the process has been made extremely hassle free.

Here’s the tweet;

The government of Malaysia announced the Visa Waiver Program on 1st of April 2017 and started the eNTRI registration facility to cater to the Indian Nationals. Indian tourists have to register on and complete the process; they will be provided an eNTRI note as a proof.

The program will serve the Indian nationals from 1st of April 2017 till 31st of March 2018. Here’s everything you need to know about this Visa Waiver program;

1) How can I obtain an eNTRI Note?

An eNTRI Note can be obtained by making an eNTRI Registration via The eNTRI Note can be printed immediately by the applicants upon completion of registration.

2) Who is eligible to register for eNTRI?

eNTRI registration is open to all Indian Nationals only (excluding Singapore).

3) What is the entitlement of the eNTRI Note?

eNTRI Note is valid for a single journey into Malaysia for up to a maximum of 15 days for tourism purposes only.

4) What documents are required for the eNTRI Registration?

You must ensure the following documents are valid prior to apply for an eNTRI :

• Passport with validity of at least 6 months
• Latest passport size photo
• Confirmed return flight tickets
• Proof of accommodation

5) From which country am I required to depart in order for me to enter Malaysia by eNTRI?

1. Applicants must enter Malaysia by a direct Flight from India to Malaysia or may enter Malaysia via Singapore, Thailand and Brunei via the following options:

By air

• Kuala Lumpur International Airport , Sepang (KLIA & KLIA 2)
• Penang International Airport, Pulau Pinang
• Langkawi International Airport, Kedah
• Melaka International Airport, Melaka
• Senai International Airport, Johor
• Kuching International Airport, Sarawak
• Miri International Airport, Sarawak
• Kota Kinabalu International Airport, Sabah
• Labuan International Airport, Sabah

By land

• Sultan Iskandar Building Immigration Checkpoint, Johor
• Sultan Abu Bakar Checkpoint, Johor
• Padang Besar Checkpoint, Perlis
• Bukit Kayu Hitam Checkpoint, Kedah
• Sungai Tujuh Immigration Checkpoint, Sarawak
• Tedungan Immigration Checkpoint, Sarawak

2. Applicant also must have a return flight ticket to India, Singapore, Thailand or Brunei.

6) How long before my travel date should I apply for eNTRI?

We advise you to apply for eNTRI registration at least 48 hours before your departure to Malaysia.

7) How long will my eNTRI Note be valid for?

The validity period of your eNTRI Note is 3 months from your eNTRI issuance date.

8) How many days can I stay in Malaysia with an eNTRI Note?

You are allowed to stay up to a maximum of 15 days with the eNTRI Note and will be subjected to Malaysian laws when you enter the country. Responsibility to stay in Malaysia within the stipulated time falls under your responsibility.

9) How much does it cost to obtain an eNTRI?

Just USD 20 for Indian nationals.

This is indeed great news; this program will surely attract lots of Indian tourists, isn’t it? So are you ready to go? Pack your bags and get ready.

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