Someone Found “Ye Bik Gayi Gormint” Aunty! Her Latest Video Is Equally Epic As Before!

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Nowadays, netizens like any and everything on the internet. It takes just few seconds to make something viral; 1 statement or 1 weird picture is enough for a viral meme, agree? Last year, the lady from Karachi, who went on a rant against the government, had become a sensation. Her statement, “Ye bik gayi hai Gormint”, had made her famous in no time. Although she’s not a star, people loved her and couldn’t stop talking about her.

Internet was flooded with memes of “Bik gayi hai Gormint”; these were 3 magical words which were hard to forget. Many became a big fan of this Pakistani lady and went way too ahead to trace her. Yes, there’s someone who has actually traced this elderly lady and made her famous again.

She still speaks in her epic style and we have an interesting video to share with you; her tone is enough to beat even Bigg Boss contestants, LOL. Although her looks have changed, her way of talking remains unchanged.

Watch her latest video now;

Haha, we loved her bindaas attitude; this time she’s explaining how the word “Oye” is completely wrong and disrespectful.

Want to watch her old video once again? Here you go…

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We are sure this latest video of hers will once again be circulated like crazy. Wasn’t it interesting? Share your views in our comments section below.

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