MBA Graduate Blackmailed His Facebook Friend & Extorted Rs 10 Lakh From Her!

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Social media is a great platform if you want to stay in touch with your loved ones but there is a great need to be cautious at the same time. There are many online fraudsters who are waiting to catch you in their trap and rob you. The biggest problem here is that victims hide it from their family members too.

An MBA graduate was arrested by Delhi police from Jaipur on the charges of extorting Rs. 10 lakh from a married woman by threatening her that he would upload her obscene photos on social media and adult websites if she didn’t pay him money. The accused has asserted that he has earlier blackmailed many others too.


The woman has told in her complaint that the name of the 29-yr MBA professional is Ravi Choudhary and he became her friend after he sent her a friendship request by mistake. When the woman (50) accepted his friendship, they both started chatting online and later, exchanged phone numbers too. However, for the last six months, Ravi has been blackmailing the lady and demanding money by threatening her of posting her photos online.

After downloading her pics, Ravi morphed them and showed those morphed photos to the woman after which he made a demand of Rs. 50 lakh. The woman deposited Rs. 10 lakh in his account but later, she revealed it to her husband.

The husband approached police and gave them the account number given by Ravi. DCP (Shahdara) Nupur Prasad said, “A team led by SHO Anand Vihar Vijay Shrotriya was formed to track down the accused based on the account number.”


Police arrested Ravi and found many morphed and obscene images in his phone. He told police that he was getting married in April but he was unemployed.

His modus operandi was finding married women on social sites such as Facebook and then sending them friend requests. If any woman accepted his request, he used to say that it was sent by mistake and if she talked to him, he used to download her photos, morph them, blackmail the woman of making the photos public and upload those pics on her husband’s timeline.

As per Ravi, he has been successful in extracting money from 10 other ladies too. Delhi police has asked the local police to find out the other victims.

Beware of friendship with strangers on social media networks!

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