4th Anniversary Issue of Mobiography Magazine is Out Now!

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The latest issue of the Mobiography Magazine has just been release onto the Apple App Store and Google Play. As usual you will find it packed full of the usual interviews, top tips, tutorials, features and showcases of the very best in smartphone photography.

What’s inside issue 30?

It’s with great pleasure that I’m proud to introduce the 4th anniversary issue of Mobiography. For this special anniversary issue we talk to two very talented photographers.

Firstly, Gareth Rockliffe tells us about his Kickstarter funded project titled “The Great American Coastline Project.” The project saw Gareth and his wife journey along the western coast of America documenting the stunning scenery along the way. Secondly, we talk to Lee Atwell, a superb iPhone street photographer, about her approach to the photos she takes.

In our beginners guide section we have the second in our composition series. This time we take a closer look at leading lines, what they are, and how and why you should be using them to greatly improve the photos you take.

Meanwhile, David Kindervater takes a look at ways to light up your mobile photography in low light situations. And Mark Myerson, with help from Mobile Photography Award founder, Daniel Berman, discusses the benefits to be had from entering photography competitions.

As if that wasn’t enough, we take a look at how you can create a tiny planet work of art using the apps Circular and Tiny Planet FX Pro. We also take a sneak peek at the new Huawei P10 and its camera capabilities.

Grab your copy now

In order to grab yourself a copy of Mobiography, head over to the Apple App Store and Google Play and install the app. Single issues are available for $4.99 or you can subscribe to the bi-monthly subscription plan for $3.99 and make a 20% saving or an annual subscription for $21.99, a saving of 26%. There is currently a FREE Trial subscription offer available. Google Play subscriptions are monthly at a cost of $1.99.

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