Kuwaiti Woman Preferred Shooting Video Instead Of Helping When Her Maid Committed Suicide

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What will you do if you see someone trying to commit suicide? Will you stop that person or start shooting the suicide act? Well, any sensible person will choose the first option but a lady from Kuwait opted for the second option and instead of stopping her Ethiopian maid from diving down the seventh floor, she shot a 12-second video which she later posted on her social media account also. Heights! The lady is under investigation as of now.

It is said that the maid wanted to commit suicide but her mind changed when she was hanging from a window and she can be seen pleading for help in the video too. She was holding the window frame with one hand but her grip was not strong and she fell on the metal sunshade.

As per a report in AFP, the lady who had the camera was telling her, “Oh crazy, come back,” while the maid was shouting “hold me, hold me”.

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The good thing is that the maid has survived and has been taken to a hospital for the treatment of her broken arm, nose and ear bleeding. The authorities have been asked by The Kuwait Society for Human Rights to probe the case and take it to the court. However, the employer has been taken into custody by the police.

Click here to watch this video directly on Twitter

As reported by AFP, there are nearly 600,000 domestic workers and many of them have escaped from their employers due to abuse. The issue is in the notice of Kuwaiti government and it has also set up shelters for them. Majority of them are Asian and African who don’t mind going to their embassies for resolution of their problems.

Have we lost humanity? At least this incident suggests so!

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