This Has To Be The Funniest Run Out On Cricket Ground! Irony Is That It Happened Today On 1st April!

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Anything and everything is possible in the world of cricket. Cricket is no less than a filmy Bollywood movie. Well, one of the epic run out story is what we witnessed in today’s match between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

The 3rd ODI between Srilanka and Bangladesh is quite an interesting one. Dinesh Chandimal, the ace batsman from Sri Lanka suffered a major embarrassing run out. One of those which he would never ever like to recollect ever in his gaming memories.

Chandimal’s lazy cricketing skills have become a story of mockery on Twitter. People are losing their mind over a run out which could have been avoided easily.

Chandimal’s presence of mind was just about missing.

While Chandimal was taking a run, he first put down his feet and then his bat inside the crease. He was all good till there until he decided to take his bat up in the air. Too lazy maybe?

That is when Rahim appealed for a run out. When S Ravi, the third umpire reviewed the footage, it was indeed a runout.

Watch the video here:

People are surely losing their mind on this kind of batting. It breaks the momentum of the team for sure.

Some Twitter users have strongly criticized Chandimal.

The most ‘Bizarre’ run out ever

Lazy cricket or lack of passion?

April Fools Day Special – Chandimal Run Out

Chandimal is to be blamed

Whose run out was more weird?

As Dean Jones said in his commentary “in cricket, little things matter”, indeed they do. We hope this runout story becomes one learning lesson for other cricketers.

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