Rakhi Sawant arrested for making derogatory statements against Sage Valmiki

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Controversial queen Rakhi Sawant has been arrested by the Punjab Police in Mumbai today. Sawant had reportedly made some objectionable remark against Valmiki, the mythological sage who wrote Ramayana.


Rakhi Sawant was arrested following a warrant which was issued by a Ludhiana court on March 9 on the basis of a complaint filed against her for allegedly hurting religious sentiments of Valmiki community with her comments on a programme on a private television channel last year.

The next hearing of the case is scheduled for April 10.

The Valmiki community filed a police complaint in Punjab after a video of Rakhi Sawant did the rounds, where she was speaking wrongly of Sage Valmiki. Sage Valmiki, who is known for writing Ramayana, was compared to Mika by Rakhi and was even called a murderer.

However, soon after the arrest warrant, Rakhi Sawant had released an apology video stating she respects Valmiki and that she is being targeted only because of her celebrity status. “When I got the news, I initially thought it was an April fool prank. I don’t know why I am being targeted. Maybe because I belong to the film industry, I am an easy target,” said Rakhi Sawant. “I did not receive any notice or summon in regard to the warrant. I too got to know from the media this morning that police is coming to arrest me, because allegedly I told something wrong against sage Valmiki. I respect him and Valmiki community a lot. I don’t know why I am being targeted(sic),” she said.

Rakhi Sawant is best known for appearances in reality TV shows like Bigg Boss and Rakhi Ka Swayamwar. She has also acted in many Bollywood films but her outrageous comments have often drawn more attention.

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