For those about to tune, we salute you

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The first Roadie tuner was a miracle in a plastic case. This little device connected to your phone and then turned the machine heads (the little tuning knobs) on your guitar to exactly the right position. It worked wonderfully.

Now the Roadie 2 intends to tune your guitar all night and tune your guitar every day. The Roadie 2 and the Roadie Bass are standalone tuners with an app component that lets you load tunings onto the device. Once loaded, you can scroll through a small screen on the top or side of the tuner to set the tuning and then the vibration detection system does all the work. You can even tune from a completely slack string by telling the device what string you’re on.

In short it takes the best of the original Roadie and lets you use it without the phone.

Because I got me a guitar and I learned how to make it talk I found that a device like Roadie often speeds up the time it takes to set up my gear and get ready to roll into the mystic. Ever since Jimmy quit and Jody got married I figured we’d never get far but with something like the Roadie you can start strumming again immediately. It even ensures your strings are nice and fresh and blood free, and it works on anything from Stratocasters to guitars you bought at the five and dime.

Both units have a metal gear box to ensure proper torque and the bass device has a little extra kick to turn heavier strings. The early bird units are selling for $79 and it ships in October so if you gotta roll, can’t stand still, and/or got a flamin’ heart and can’t get your fill then you better act fast.

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